Waterstones Knit

Hi folks,

There are still one or two pieces left for the Waterstones knit if anyone wants them?

Plans are underway for Stitch to be held at Waterstones on install night, 1st Dec 2011. I don’t know if Waterstones will be open to the public or not.


2 thoughts on “Waterstones Knit

  1. I would be happy to knit up one of them, I work in Solihull, but find Thursday is a difficult night for me to come to the group, as it is a none working day and I don’t live in Solihul

    • Thanks for your offer of help Janice. I’m sorry that Thursdays are inconvenient for you to join us, however because the group is advertised in a number of magazines and forums, it would be very difficult to change when the group meets, or the location. Also, the install will be on 1st December when Stitch would normally be held. As I have a young baby, it is not practical for me to have to deliver materials and collect parts of the display from different people in different locations, especially whilst on maternity leave as we can’t afford the fuel!

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