Meet Zeke

Good Morning Stitchers!

There’s someone we’d like you to meet. This is Zeke the Alpaca.

Zeke the Alpaca

Zeke the Alpaca

Look, he’s waving hello!

This is our new mascot in the shop, and we’re very pleased to be able to offer a kit so that you can knit your own Zeke! He’s a fabulous Rebecca Danger pattern, who we are absolutely in love with!

Included in the kit is 50g of UK Alpaca DK yarn, a gorgeous blend of 70% Alpaca and 30% Bluefaced Leicester. There are 5 stunning natural colours to choose from.

UK Alpaca DK

UK Alpaca DK

Also included are safety eyes, stuffing and embroidery thread for the finer details. The pattern is included, and can either be in print or digital format, depending on your preference.

Knit your own Zeke

Knit your own Zeke

Kits are available instore now for £15! What will you call yours?


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