What’s new?

Morning stitchers,

I must apologise for the radio silence. It’s been a busy couple of weeks however it is now officially the beginning of summer, so lots will be happening here at Stitch Solihull!

Firstly a new addition to the shop – out beautiful blackboard! This is the place to look for upcoming events and information when you’re in the shop!


I’ll be turning the dyepots back on finally next week! If you have any requests of colours you’d like to see, then please let us know! Equally we can also custom dye yarn, so please ask in store to find out what bases are available!

After today we have one more sewing workshop coming up, and hopefully knitting workshops will be available to book for the end of June! We’ll also be booking more crochet workshops with Denise this week!

We’ll also be reordering more stock soon, so if there is anything you’d like to see in store then throw your ideas at us!

Anyway, I’ve just wound some lovely easyknits yarn and I’m about to cast on a Cladonia. I’m using cherish in emerald forest and splendor in fields of gold. Don’t they look lush?


What are you making this weekend?

Enjoy the sunshine!


One thought on “What’s new?

  1. Ok, I would like your yarn in semi solid dark red with stellina sparkle, suitable for making sparkly socks also semi solid emerald green and a semi solid cobalt blue, ooh blue with sparkle would be nice. Can you get BFL base with sparkle? also a very pale green, almost white in an alpaca/cashmere/silk or similar base of cobweb lace? Actually a very pale ice blue cobweb would be nice too. I would also like Unique Sheep gradiance ;p

    Also please do a dye workshop.

    And can you get me next weeks lottery numbers?

    Thanks, you guys are brilliant!

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