Stitch Solihull Yarn

Hello stitchers!

As you may have seen on Facebook and twitter, I’ve started dyeing yarn again, woohoo!
I don’t want to stick completely to ordinary colours, I want to be a bit different. A little bit bold, a little bit daring.

So I am pleased to present to you the beginnings of The Wildchild Collection.


I’m just a little bit pleased with them! The idea is two contrasting, bold colours, evenly split over the skein so they create stripes. Perfect for socks and simple shawls that would suit some eye popping colour!

More will be coming, and although I’ll only be dyeing 4ply bases in Wildchild colours for now, I will happily dye them onto any of our base yarns on request.

All of the newly dyed yarns so far are now available in the shop, here’s a sneak peek of a few available, and of what’s in store in the coming weeks…



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