Drawing with stitch

Good evening stitchers,

Isn’t this weather beautiful? I’m currently sat in the garden with a nice cold glass of rosé, enjoying the last hour or so of daylight on my birthday.

As it’s my birthday, I’ve been treated to lunch at Marco Pierre White at The Cube in Birmingham this afternoon. Knowing it was on the 25th floor with fabulous views of the city, I went along open minded with my trusty La Sardinia Lomography camera. What a fantastic view!


This one is from my phone – I’ll hopefully finish my Lomo film & get it developed before the end of the week. Anyway, I love the lines that cities create. They’re beautiful to draw from, and they’re beautiful to stitch. My first university project was based on this.



All I could think about, looking across the skyline, was turning these images into stitch. The graphic lines, little French knots, intercutting and bonding some shapes.


I love these harsh lines of tall buildings against the soft shape of the NIA, the horizon, and the decorative exterior of the new Birmingham Library.

And then this beauty happened.


Goodness me, I am desperate to draw from this! The shapes could create some beautiful openwork, the lines almost creating a kaleidoscope effect, with the empty space of the sky, creating a peaceful balance.

I’ve had a book for my birthday, called The Stitch Bible, by Kate Haxell and Becky Hogg. Looking through, it provides some wonderful stitch (and project) ideas that I really think I’ll be able to put into use to create what I hope will be a rather fabulous design. I think I’ll have to get myself a nice piece of linen for it though, and some cotton perle thread to do the colours and textures in the image justice. I haven’t felt quite so excited about stitch for a while! I’ll update you all on how it’s looking.

I’ve got a blog post about the crochet workshop we held at the weekend coming up this week. It was certainly fabulous! In the meantime, I’m off to look for more inspiring lines….

Vick x


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