Shiny New Things

Morning Stitchers!

We have some lovely new things that have just come in, that I know you will be dying to get your hands on!

We are now pleased to stock bigger sizes of the KnitPro Crochet Hooks, from 6.5mm up to 12mm! Also from KnitPro, we have their fabulous new blocking kit (hooray!!) The kit includes 6 x 95cm wires, 6 x 50cm wires, 3 x 95cm flexible wires, 20 t-pins and a measuring tape. The cost of the kit is £22. We recognised that 20 t-pins is most definitely not enough if you are blocking a lacy shawl, so we also have a seperate set of 50 KnitPro t-pins for £2.75.

Which leads me onto….

Mentioning the C-word

I know, it’s too soon isn’t it? But I have to do, I just have to. Let’s face it, us crafty types are easy to buy for aren’t we? But if your loved ones aren’t crafters, it’s always difficult for them to know what to buy for you unless they’ve been given specific items. I’ve done it myself, when my parents visit Purl Soho in New York, and I have to give them a list of specific brands and weights of yarn, and I let them choose the colour, because otherwise they just don’t have a clue. Because of this, we are very excited to be launching our Gift Lists. Maybe there’s a specific yarn you want, or maybe a certain book. A blocking kit, or a set of needles perhaps. Pop down to the shop, tell us your name and the items you’d like to add to your wish list, then send your loved ones along to the shop, tell us your name, and tick those coveted items off the list. If the gift-buyer has a certain budget, then we’ll be able to help them choose something from your list that works with their budget. Although we’re launching this in preparation for Christmas (there, I said it), it’s a scheme will be running all year round, so it’s perfect for the other special occasions that come along throughout the year.

And just in case you haven’t got a Gift List with us, we are now pleased to offer Gift Vouchers. Suitable for any budget, and any occasion, we also have a selection of beautiful, handmade cards to present your Gift Vouchers in. They can also be redeemed against workshops too!

In case you haven’t seen, we have released a selection of workshop dates for Sewing and Crochet up until Christmas. We will shortly be releasing a new schedule of knitting workshops! I also know some of you are keen for our Christmas fabrics to arrive – worry not, they will be here very soon! We will post on our facebook, twitter and on the blog as soon as they arrive!

Happy Stitching….


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