Woolly Wormhead – Special Offer!

I love Woolly Wormhead. Ever since I joined Ravelry and became aware of her existence, I’ve been in awe of her work. Woolly is a well known Hat Architect, and I think that’s the perfect way to describe her. Woolly’s Hat designs are so clever, in that the construction is interesting, even more so when combined with stitch patterns. But Woolly’s Hats are by no means complicated. They’re challenging in a way that encourages you to learn new skills. And even that part isn’t difficult, as Woolly provides well written and clearly illustrated tutorials for those more complex techniques.
Woolly’s patterns are not the kind that you might lose interest in quite quickly. The layout is clear, the pictures show the Hats off beautifully, and the combination of unusual construction and stitch patterns means you don’t get bored.

I’ve knitted a few of Woolly’s Hats now. Mostly from her book, Bambeanies. But there’s also Classic Woolly Toppers, Going Straight, and Playful Woolly Toppers to name a few of her other books. I also recently supported the Save Mutonia campaign, by buying Woolly’s collection of Hats in a book called Hatopia. You can find out more about Hatopia and the Save Mutonia campaign on Woolly’s blog here.
I’m especially excited that when Woolly comes to Stitch Solihull next weekend, it’s just before the start of her annual Knit Along, which starts on 1st November. I’m not going to say too much about it now, except I’m very excited and I’m planning on dyeing some yarn especially for the KAL, so that Stitch Solihull as a community can join in!

We’re really excited about Woolly joining us at our Stitch Up next weekend. Given that I have a head that is as narrow as a child’s (yes, I wear children’s glasses because adult ones are too wide) it will be interesting to get Woolly’s advice. It’ll be fun to try all the different Hats too! I’ve never been one for berets but who knows, maybe they’ll suit me!

As well as Hat Clinic, Woolly will also be running a Design your own Hat workshop on Sunday 27th October. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about Hat design, and knitwear design in general, with one of the cleverest designers in the knitting world. We appreciate that the planning of our Stitch Up has been somewhat last minute, and so based on this we are giving you the opportunity to get your place on this workshop for just £50! It’s running on Sunday 27th October from 10:15 to 4:15.

To book your place on Woolly Wormhead’s Hat Design workshop, all you need to do is call us on 0121 314 6888 quoting BLOG15 and we’ll save you a place at the reduced price of £50. I wish I was going on the workshop, it sounds rather epic!


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