Stitch Up Workshop Freebie!

Morning Stitchers,

I’m getting in a bit of down time today before the craziness kicks in as it’s our Stitch Up this weekend!!

I’m not sure what I’m most excited about….but I must say I am super excited about Woolly Wormhead coming to visit! Saturday I’m hoping to try on Every Single Hat…I may even bribe Woolly into showing me the samples for the Mystery KAL which starts on November 1st. We’ll be joining in! Woolly has disclosed that the mystery Hat was knit in Fyberspates Vivacious DK, and so in anticipation of the weekend, we’re ordering some in especially!

Woolly will also be signing books if you’ve already got one or would like to buy one….but if you’re joining us for Woolly’s Design your own Hat workshop, you’re in for a treat. Woolly has very kindly said that all participants in the workshop will be given a free e-book download of their choice for one of her books! I’m sneakily hoping that I’ll be able to join in the workshop because it sounds rather amazing. And don’t forget you can still book the all-day workshop at the reduced price of £50 using the code BLOG15! Call us on 0121 314 6888 to book your place and to make sure you get your free e-book!


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