What a weekend!

Morning Stitchers,

WOW! What a weekend we had! I barely had the energy to stay awake yesterday, let alone blog, so I’m going to try now.
You came in your HUNDREDS! I wish we has counted the number of people – we were absolutely astounded beyond our wildest dreams! The atmosphere was buzzing, many people stayed for the day, and from the feedback we’ve had it sounds like everyone had an amazing time. We certainly did, and it was so lovely to meet many of you who we know via Facebook, twitter and Ravelry.

Rachel Coopey’s course went brilliantly, and we’re pleased to announce that we will be running workshops with her in the future.


There was so much lovely stuff to look at, here’s a round up….

The Undercover Owl











Woolly Wormhead



There were demos


You stitched


But most importantly, you had fun


Finally, we’d like to say a few thank yous…..

To the parentals (Ana’s and mine) , for their support and time in helping this to happen. To Notcutts for letting us use the additional space and supporting us. To Woolly Wormhead, babylonglegs, Lottie, HilltopCloud, Jill, Undercover Owl, Rachel Coopey, Claire Muir and HiyaHiya for coming along and helping to make this happen. And finally to you, our customers, for coming along, supporting us and spreading the word about Stitch Solihull. We’ve had a hugely memorable weekend, and we can’t wait to do it all again at some point next year…..


One thought on “What a weekend!

  1. It was such a pleasure! I met so many great people and saw a staggeringly large number of my friends and co-spinners and fibre fanatics. Thank you Ana, Vicki and Ana’s lovely parents and can we do it all again soon? Jill aka Wrigglefingers

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