Christmas Gift Guide 3

Hello Stitchers,

Welcome to the final instalment of my Christmas Gift Guide. I’ve come to the little stocking fillers now, that are perfect for adults and children. We’ve got a few little gift kits that incorporate different crafts and best of all, the most expensive kit is £6!

First is the French Knitting Kit. This is perfect for younger children who are keen to learn to knit or to inspire them to pick up two needles!



The kits cost £6, and come with a knitting dolly, a needle for lifting the stitches, and 10g of multicoloured sock yarn. The knitting that comes from the knitting dolly could be used to make quirky jewellery items or for decorations at Christmas!

Next up is our Flower Brooch Kit. This is a perfect introduction to embroidery, and would also make a great gift for someone who loves bright accessories. You could even give the finished product as a gift instead of the kit!



The kit costs £5, and includes pre-cut felt flowers, embroidery thread, button, and a brooch pin. Instructions are also included to create the design pictured above, but you could easily adapt this to your own design!

Finally, we have our super cute Button Bracelet kit. This is perfect for younger children (with supervision) who may have experienced ‘Threading’ in an educational setting. The bright colours are perfect for children, or for grown ups who like bright accessories!



The kit is just £4.50 and includes buttons, ribbon, and a blunt needle as well as instructions. There are enough materials included to make approximately three button bracelets. Aren’t they cool? I want one! You’ll frequently see Ana wearing her pink one! The button bracelet kit comes in the following shades – pinks, greens, blues, purples, vintage, multicolour.

All of our kits are packaged in gift boxes with ribbon, so you don’t even need to wrap them. They’re ready to go straight under the tree (or be sent to Father Christmas!)

If you’re still stuck for gifts for a loved one this Christmas, why not buy them a Stitch Solihull gift voucher, which comes with a presentation gift card, or book a place on one of our workshops? And don’t forget you can now shop and book workshops online at

That’s all for now. I hope your Christmas shopping is going well. I’ve only got Lily sorted so far, but we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves!


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