An Interview With…


Denise Pigott, PeekoCrochet

Welcome to the first in a series of interviews with our workshop tutors! As Denise is teaching Beginner’s Tunisian Crochet for us this coming weekend, I thought we’d start with the craziest crocheter I know…

When did you learn to crochet, and who taught you?

I learned to crochet when I was very small, about 4 years of age. My mother taught me; I was fascinated when she was crocheting and I was desperate to have a go! At first all I did was chain, then progressed onto other stitches as I got a bit older.

Wow, she must be very proud of you now, then! When did you realise that crochet could become a career for you?

She is, and claims to only have basic crochet skills too! It wasn’t until I was 25, having completed a language degree, when I realised. I had a career change after throwing my back out and was laid up in bed for weeks. I’ve always known that I wanted to teach, I just didn’t realise that I should teach crafts instead of languages until just over 6 years ago.

So how long have you been a craft educator for?

I started teaching crafts (mostly crochet) in 2008. I have the best job; I get to teach and share my love of crochet and be creative all of the time!

How many people do you think you have taught? The number was high when I met you in 2011, and you’ve been non-stop busy since!

I have taught A LOT of people to crochet. I started teaching in 2008 and have taught almost 6000 people to crochet, give or take a few!

WOW, that’s a lot! What’s your favourite thing about being a craft educator?

The ‘light bulb’ moment! I love it when everything clicks into place, and fingers and thumbs everywhere change into hands that know what they’re doing! I’m so proud when my crocheteers achieve their first piece of crochet. I love the feeling that I am teaching people a skill that they will have for life.

What’s your favourite yarn to crochet with?

Ooh tough question….I’m inspired by colour and texture, so my favourite yarns change as often as the direction of the wind. I’m partial to merino wool, and anything that has a bit of silk in it, but who isn’t?

I agree! What’s your favourite thing to crochet?

Anything that has an interesting stitch pattern. I love crocheting, so it doesn’t really matter to me what I’m making as long as I’m crocheting and creating. Although saying that, I do love the design process. I tend to crochet as I go when designing, and this process of discovering new stitches (literally making them up!) and patterns is probably my favourite part of crochet.

You’re a bit of a crochet wizard. Is there anything crochety you can’t do?!

Hehe, I think that the best teachers are always increasing their knowledge base, no matter how well they know their field. So yes, there are things I won’t have come across in crochet, but I am developing new techniques and refining my skills, so I can design and teach more effectively.

Thanks for taking part Denise!

Denise will be here on Saturday to teach our new Beginners Tunisian Crochet Workshop. It’s been popular so far, and we still have some spaces available for this Saturday 21st June from 10am – 1pm. The workshop is £30, and materials are included. If you’d like to book a place, call us on 0121 314 6888 or book online at

Keep an eye out for another tutor profile soon….!


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