New fabric!

Morning Stitchers,

Can you hear us cheering? HOORAY!! We’ve had a delivery of fabric and we’re expecting some more Very Very Soon!

We’ve managed to restock some old favourites AND we’ve had some new lines in too, so I’ll start with the restocks first!

You’ve all absolutely LOVED the Henna range, and we’ve just managed to get our hands on some of the remaining fabric from the supplier.


Beautiful aren’t they? This range is still priced at £11 per metre, or £2.75 per quarter.

Another stonking sell out favourite of yours and ours was Sew Retro…and yep we’ve managed to get some of that too! We got cotton reels and notions, which were the best sellers, and also introduced a new print from this range. It’s a lovely vintage, sewing pattern inspired print.


Again, this remains at £11 per metre or £2.75 per quarter.

Now for the new ones….

We chose the range Meadow, as it was another beautifully designed collection by Beth Studley, who also designed the Henna collection. It’s a very nature-inspired set of prints but with beautiful colours and so without further ado…..


Again, this is priced at £11 per metre or £2.75 per quarter.

Next up is a random print that is on the verge of selling out but that Ana loved! It’s the only one remaining in the collection Just For Fun, and it really is exactly that!


Who doesn’t love a rabbit on a scooter holding balloons?! This one is also priced at £11 per metre or £2.75 per quarter.

We’ve also had some new solids in. They’re super bright and co-ordinate beautifully with some of our current and upcoming ranges.


I think that’s three of my favourite colours in one picture! Solids are priced at £7 per metre, or £1.75 per quarter.

And finally, we’ve added two new shades of Polka Dot – lilac and lemon. The lemon has come out quite bright in the photo, but rest assured it is more of a baby lemon and the lilac is proper lilac, not grey tinted!


Polka dots are priced at £10 per metre or £2.50 per quarter.

Don’t forget that the price per quarter is the same whether you have a fat quarter or a long quarter (square piece or rectangle piece for those of us who like it in layman’s terms!)

We’re expecting some more new ranges this month, so we’re hoping it will be here soon!


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