Fyberspates galore!

We’ve been expecting this delivery, and when I got the phone call to say that a parcel had arrived, I knew exactly what it was going to be.


But not just any old Fyberspates, oh no. We knew that in this delivery we were expecting their new yarn; Cumulus.

I’d seen lots of people raving about Cumulus on the interwebs. How heavenly it is, how gorgeous the colours were. When I opened the box, the explosion of colour was delightful! I couldn’t wait to open the packets and have a feel….

And WOW the word on the interwebs wasn’t wrong. I can see why it’s called Cumulus – each ball literally feels like a little cloud! It’s made of 74% baby suri alpaca, and 26% mulberry silk. The halo on the yarn is similar to that of mohair but without the itch! It is so soft on the skin that I think it would be suitable even for sensitive skin types. I might have to test that theory on my mother…

There are 150m/164yd per 25g ball and it’s priced at £5.85 a ball. We currently stock Magenta, Turquoise, Silver Green, Sea Green and Moonlight.


Look at it all!!

I felt that this beautiful yarn deserved pride of place on the front table, and so that is where it now lives.


This means that Sweet Georgia has sadly been evicted to the wall, but it still looks pretty! Here’s the lace:


And we still have a tiny bit of 4ply left too:


We've also restocked some Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply, Scrumptious 4ply and Scrumptious Lace and I must admit, the shelves are positively bursting!




I can’t WAIT to knit with Cumulus. I already have a huge soft spot for both Vivacious (possibly the bounciest yarn I’ve ever used) and Scrumptious (no other way to describe it!) and I suspect that Cumulus will join them. I also have a soft spot for Fyberspates hand paints, but they’re saved in my personal stash for something extra special.

What would you knit with Cumulus?


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