Needlefelting with Hawthorn Handmade

We are lucky to stock a gorgeous range of needle felting kits from Hawthorn Handmade.  The kits are handmade in Devon by Stephanie with a focus on British animals made in British wool. I had no idea there were so many different colours and shades of wool available and I love how all the natural colours in the kits are undyed and instead come from different sheep breeds.

There are 7 mini brooch kits in the range that retail at only £8.50.  The kits come with 2 felting needles, detailed instructions and all the fibre you need plus a brooch back so you can wear the finished item. The only thing not included is a piece of foam to work on so that your work surface is protected from the very sharp needles.

Mini Kit Group 2 Copyright Stephanie Carswell 2014Needle felting works by shaping the fibre with your hands and then stabbing it repeatedly with a felting needle. This causes the fibres to shrink and stick together exactly like when you wash a wool jumper on a hot cycle! These small kits are a great introduction to the craft as they can be completed in an afternoon. They would also make great stocking filler gifts although due to the sharp needles used, they are recommended for ages 10+. I’ve already made the fox and I don’t think I’ll be able to resist the Highland Cow for much longer.

There are also a range of larger kits that cost £15 such as the robins shown here.Robins A5 Kit 2 Copyright Stephanie Carswell 2013Stephanie’s instructions are incredibly detailed, there is a photo of each stage as well as a guide to the size of the finished items so you know what you are aiming for.

If you’ve already tried this fun craft or fancy going freestyle we also have a selection of wool bundles for £10. As well as bundles of dyed merino in a rainbow of colours, there are 3 sets of British Breed bundles each weighing approximately 100g. British Breeds Bundle no.2 line Copyright Stephanie CarswellThis is bundle 2 containing Blue Faced Leicester, Herdwick, Shetland and Welsh. If you’re not a felter, this wool is also suitable for spinning and would be an affordable way to sample lots of different sheep breeds and explore their different properties.





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